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In Connecticut, a Wealth Gap Divides Neighboring Schools


The two Connecticut school districts sit side by side along Long Island Sound. Both spend more than the national average on their students. They prepare their pupils for the same statewide tests. Their teachers, like virtually all the teachers in the state, earn the same high marks on evaluations.

That is where the similarities end: In Fairfield, a mostly white suburb where the median income is $120,000, 94 percent of students graduate from high school on time. In Bridgeport, the state’s most populous and one of its poorest cities, the graduation rate is 63 percent. Fifth graders in Bridgeport, where most people are black or Hispanic, often read at kindergarten level, one of their teachers recently testified during a trial over school funding inequities.


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Google fixes two serious Android security flaws


Google's mobile security team has definitely been busy cleaning house this week. The company has released an Android update that closes two security holes that could pose a major threat if intruders found a way to exploit them. The first was only designed for "research purposes" and would only have been malicious if modified, Google tells Ars Technica, but it wouldn't have been hard to detect or weaponize.

The other flaw behaved similarly to the well-known Stagefright exploit, letting an attacker send an altered JPEG image through Gmail or Google Talk to hijack your phone. The issue, as SentinelOne researcher Tim Strazzere explains toThreatpost, is that it's both easy to find and capitalize on this vulnerability.


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love jones


Love Jones The Musical
   Arie Crown Theater, Chicago, IL

Fri, Sep 30, 2016 08:00 PM 


Musical Stage play starring Musiq Soulchild, Chrisette Michelle, Marsha Ambrosius, Dave Hollister, Raheeem Devaughn, M C Lyte

9/30, 10/1 & 10/2

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Toni Braxton Hits Tour

Arie Crown Theater, Chicago

Sunday, 10/16 @ 7:30PM

Feat. Joe

Ticket Info here


Love in the 90s Tour

Chicago Theater, Chicago

Saturday, 10/22 @ 8:00PM

Feat. : BlackstreetTeddy RileyDave HollisterEn VogueJagged Edge,NextAdina Howard


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This Week's Little Known Black History Fact


Springfield, Illinois Race Riot, 1908


n mid-August 1908, the white population of Springfield, Illinois hastily reacted to reports that a white woman has been assaulted in her home by a black man.  Soon afterwards another instance of an assault by a black man on a white woman was reported.  These incidents, coming within hours of each other, inflamed a gathering mob.

Springfield Police took into custody an African American vagrant, Joe James, for one of the assaults.  Another man, George Richardson, a local factory worker was arrested for the second assault.  A mob which had been forming since the news of the assaults was first announced now quickly assembled at the Sangamon County Courthouse to lynch the two men in custody. 

Unable to get the accused men whom the Sheriff announced had been moved to an undisclosed location, the mob turned its wrath of two other black men, Scott Burton and William Donegan, who were in the area.  They were quickly lynched. 

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